Maribel - Mexico

October, 2020

It was a very nice experience. Adam was patient explaining the basics of photography and we even had enough time to practice. I would highly recommend the experience. Thanks again Adam.

Melissa - Australia

August, 2020

Adam was incredibly patient and explained things with ease. He talked me through the camera options and then the practical trials with my shots was very informative and useful. He has a gentle approach and didn’t mind explaining options over again. I now have a better understanding of what I want to achieve. I need more practice! Since I was the only one there he tailored it to suit my needs with no fuss. Thank you Adam

Cindy - Australia

Adam is amazing, he taught me so much in just one lesson. He taught me not only to use my Digital Camera, but also settings and specialized features of my new Samsung Mobile Phone (has 5 lenses). Already I have recieved many compliments on my new and improved photography skills on social media. I look forward to more photographic tuition from Adam in the future. Adam is also great company and is a published photographer, qualified and educated; a expert in his field.

September, 2020

Katrina - Australia

August, 2020

I have bad anxiety and i rarely leave my house, my husband told me that he booked a session with Adam and i freaked out. I was dragged into going by my husband and im so glad i did. Adam knew of my anxiety and was very patient with me. He was very knowledgeable about his work. I will be definitely going back to Adam for his photography work shop.. thanks again Adam.

Heli - Australia

January, 2020

Definitely well worth spending a couple of hours letting Adam impart his wealth of knowledge on making your happy snaps into a work of art. All it takes is a pro picking up where you can easily improve.

Abiyoga - Indonesia

February, 2020

It was a great experience with Adam, to explore the CBD and get to know more about the city. Adam encourage me to do something on your own and be patient to take a great photo

Warren - USA

February, 2020

Excellent and constructive criticism, all helping me correctly compose, take and edit stunning pics - all from my iPhone. A++

Yumico - Japan

January, 2020

Adam was totally devoted to our needs, I was with my son with intellectual impairment but he enjoyed the learning experience as well. It was great!!!

Luke - Australia

December, 2019

Have taken a couple of individual lessons with Adam now and all I can say is that they have been absolutely excellent.

Adam is clearly an expert in all things photography. However, what makes him a great teacher is that he is great at explaining complex concepts related to photography in a simple way that is easy for a beginner like myself to understand. Adam has tailored the content of our lessons to my specific needs, and has made sure that we have worked at a pace that I am comfortable with. Additionally, it is really easy to book a lesson with him on his website, and he is also always punctual and on time for our lessons.

I highly recommend getting one on one lessons with Adam—especially if you are a beginner. I believe it is the best way to insure that you get the one-on-one support you will need when learning this new skill. However, I am sure that his group lessons are also great!

All in all, Adam should definitely be your go to if you are considering getting photography lessons!

Lloyd - The Philippines

October, 2019

We thought 2hrs for learning about photography was going to be a bit much (after all we have some background knowledge learning from YouTube) but after 2hrs have passed, it turned out not to be enough! Adam was also a great teacher as he has mastery over the subject and speaks about the technicalities of cameras and photography in a manner easy to understand. Definitely 5/5 would recommend!

Vivian - Brazil

July, 2019

I attended the camera workshop with my husband, who I really hoped would then take better pictures on our travels! Haha. Adam covered a bit of everything, from functions on our camera to angles and light. He was also super patient! Having the opportunity to learn the theory and then practice and receive feedback on our photos was a really good way to learn. The small groups allow for 101 feedback and increase the learning in my opinion. Highly recommend.

Eunice, Taiwan

July, 2019

I took part in a mobile photography workshop run by professional photographer Adam. He took us to South Bank Parklands and taught us to take professional-looking photographs with just a mobile phone. I learned a lot of practical techniques, tips and simple retouching. In the class, Adam patiently answered our questions, and guided in composition, light and shadow effects as we took photos on the spot. I highly recommend BNE Lens courses. You can learn and take great photos in a short time! (testimonial translated from Mandarin below)

我參加由多年經驗專業攝影師Adam(亞當)開設的攝影課程,他親自帶我們到南岸公園 ,教我們只用手機就能拍出拍出專業攝影師的手感照片,學到非常多實用的小技巧和簡易的修圖,上課時Adam亞當 ,非常耐心的解答我們的問題,並當場讓我們實際操作拍出構圖和光影效果都很好照片,非常推薦大家在布里斯本參加BNE Lens公司的攝影課程,在短時間內就可以學會並拍出很棒的照片!

Fenice, China

July, 2019

This class suits students with zero foundation. I was clueless about my camera, but after taking this workshop, I've taken the first steps in building my knowledge of cameras and photography. The workshop didn't only have theoretical knowledge, but also a lot of practice, which really helps learners to grasp those technical skills.  I really liked the class, and recommend everyone to join in. (testimonial translated from Mandarin below)


* All testimonials are uploaded in full without any editing (apart from translation to English where required).

Craig - New Zealand

December, 2019

Adam took the time to learn my camera menu prior to my catch up with him so as he could go straight to the area required for timelapse photography.
He was great with his explanation of the options available to perform this with my camera and walked me through the steps on setting it up and the best composition when taking a timelapse.

Steven - USA

November, 2019

I had a great time with Adam! I was lucky and received a lot of 1-on-1 time where I learned a ton about my camera, some techniques, and even some good Brisbane restaurants to check out afterwards. As a complete novice I found this experience to be a great value!

Dee - The Philippines

October, 2019

Signed up for a group photography class but got lucky and no one else booked the same date — Adam happily upgraded the session to a VIP class. He will have a chat with you about your skill and goals and will tailor the class to suit your needs. He patiently answered the many questions that I had and went through analysing the photos I took and how to further improve it. This guy knows his stuff really well.

BNE Lens does not discriminate on equipment/skill — I used an iPhone 6 and have very basic photography skills. Adam listens well and teaches well. I learned a lot of techniques from Adam and now feel more confident and also noticed an improvement in my photos.

Adam also goes above and beyond the expected service — he even emailed me a list of other Brisbane spots to visit that only locals would know about. I would definitely do the VIP class again as it’s definitely more than your money’s worth.

Andrea - Colombia

July, 2019

I always want to learn to use the differents functions of my cell phone camera. This has a good camera but i hadn't been able to get a good adventage, with Adam's class i could do it. This was amazing, nice and easy to understand class wich gave me the tools to get the most benefit of our cameras explaining how to use these and teaching us a new app. Adam also showed us how we can take better photos considering topics such as focus, leading lines, lights, angles and perspectives. I was enjoying a lot of the class and had great time. Adam is a excellent teacher and he knows the Subject very well. Thank you, you are a kind person and you have so much patience

Ben, Australia

July, 2019

For my birthday my wife got me a photography workshop with Adam as she was sick of me missing the moment and taking bad photos. Adam taught me how to use my camera properly, not just in intelligent auto mode which was how I was using it. I now know about the thirds rule, exposure and what to do in order to take a good photo and have a happy wife! Both in the theory and practical training Adam was very engaging and explained everything in a way I could understand. I can highly recommend this workshop.

Comfort - USA

July, 2020

Adam is a pro and a great teacher. I thoroughly enjoyed working with him.

Gabrielle, Australia

October, 2018

Being bamboozled by my DSLR camera for ages and getting frustrated that my pictures were just so-so, and having previously tried one-off group photography lessons, I decided that I needed one-on-one tuition, especially as I was heading off to Asia for a holiday and wanted to take better pictures.  I had met Adam at the aforementioned group lessons and we made contact and started our private lessons once a week. One-on-one's can be daunting because you are exposing the things you don't actually know about photography, but Adam was very nurturing in his approach. Adam firstly focussed on composition and went through a lot of my previous photos and gave really constructive suggestions as to how I could have composed my photos better.  Then we went out into the streets of the Brisbane CBD and looked at the city through the eyes of a traveller and through the lens of our cameras. After only a few lessons with Adam, the things he taught me were quite amazing.  I think there was such an improvement in the ways I was taking photos after only a few lessons. Of course it will take me a lot of practice and I still have a long way to go, but with the tricks and guidance from Adam, I'm a lot happier with the quality of my photos. This is definitely the benefit of one-on-one tuition: they can totally focus on your knowledge (or lack thereof) and where you may need improvement. I look forward to catching up with Adam when I get back from Sri Lanka for an honest critique of my pics.

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