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You don't need an expensive camera to take good photographs. One of our specialties is teaching people how to get the best possible images with their mobile phone.

Book a session with our experienced trainer Adam, who will show you not only how to take amazing images with your camera phone, but also how to edit them in-phone using free apps.  

If you want to blow people away with striking images on Instagram, we're here to help!  We recommend booking a fun two-hour session so you really have the opportunity to try things out as you learn skills that will be with you for a lifetime!

It doesn't matter what brand of phone you have or whether it's Android or iPhone (or even an iPad), you'll be amazed at what is possible with your mobile device!            


I took part in a mobile photography workshop run by professional photographer Adam. He took us to South Bank Parklands and taught us to take professional-looking photographs with just a mobile phone. I learned a lot of practical techniques, tips and simple retouching. In the class, Adam patiently answered our questions, and guided in composition, light and shadow effects as we took photos on the spot. I highly recommend BNE Lens courses. You can learn and take great photos in a short time!

Eunice (Taiwan), 17/7/2019

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