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You can take amazing photos with any camera. Even the most compact cameras these days have many features that allow you to take control and make stunning images.  Our guide and mentor Adam can help you understand all of your camera's functions and confidently take creative control, no matter what model of camera you have.

With some of Brisbane's beautiful scenic locations as your classroom, learn about how to compose and create striking photographs that capture not only what the scene looked like, but how it felt to be there!

For my birthday my wife got me a photography workshop with Adam as she was sick of me missing the moment and taking bad photos. Adam taught me how to use my camera properly, not just in intelligent auto mode which was how I was using it. I now know about the thirds rule, exposure and what to do in order to take a good photo and have a happy wife! Both in the theory and practical training Adam was very engaging and explained everything in a way I could understand. I can highly recommend this workshop.

Ben (Australia) July 2019

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