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The best gift of all: choice!

Show your friends or family you care with a BNE Lens gift certificate! 

With a dollar value certificate, you're giving them the chance to learn how to create stunning photographs at a time that suits them. They won't feel locked into anything. They can use it to join a small group of photography enthusiasts, meeting new friends while developing photographic confidence. Or they could book a one-on-one session to

enjoy a completely personalised experience.

Alternatively, you can buy a gift certificate

for a particular workshop. They will still be

free to use it whenever they like within a

three-year period.

Gift Certificate Sample.jpg

How to redeem

Simply visit our Options page to choose the workshop

you would like to join then go to the Book Online page

and select your workshop tour. As you enter your details,

you will see "Coupon Code" to the right of your order.

Simply enter the code from your gift certificate and continue

to check out. See you soon!

Buy one    now!

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